: AUM Maa-Prabhu :

Dineshbhai Parbhubhai Bhakta

Jay Parmatma, Ramkabir, Jay Krupalu Maa, greetings to all brothers, sisters, elders, children of Shree Ramakabir Bhakta Samaj. It's a great pleasure to see all of us feeling very proud of being devotees of Kabir. Another thing worth taking pride in is our singing of Bhajans (devotional songs) of Kabir. But now one necessary thing to do is to examine how we are living our lives.
We all should try to make our lives pure, free from addictions, vegetarian, easy, free from egoism, full of efforts, self-respecting, full of self-dignity, simple, united, free of deceits, spiritual, sacred, honest and full of forgiveness as much as possible. We all need to investigate and see how many of the above mentioned qualities are present in our lives. If it seems that some of the qualities are lacking or less in magnitude, then we, all the members of our family and friends, together should try genuinely to improve on those qualities.

You will feel more and more inner joy and satisfaction with an increase in the good qualities. When your life will reach a certain degree, you will feel true pride listening to devotional songs, sacred hymns and being a devotee of Ramkabir (or whatever Guru-Religion you have faith in) religion.

We naturally feel sorrow if any person from our family departs forever at any age. But with affectionate, spiritually close, honest time spent during our stay together while he was alive and if the service provided to him was with a pure mind, a feeling of great satisfaction is generated within. This feeling helps us to lessen the pain of separation and to help us to do welfare activities for everyone.

In the life of a human being, there are many aims. But the four main aims are Dharma (religion), Arth (finance), Kama (physical activities) and Moksha (liberation). Everyone should try to make genuine efforts to attain finance and worldly pleasures while practicing a religion and also, a human being should attain liberation by performing these things throughout his life, and to do this, the person needs to obtain blessings from a true spiritual teacher and make an honest effort to spend the remaining years of life as mentioned earlier. We will obtain knowledge of AUM and chant the names of AUM the God. Then our birth in this life as human beings will be successful.

If we acquire more of the earlier mentioned good qualities in our lives, the place of our religious and spiritual teachers would remain higher with great dignity.

Obtain knowledge of AUM (Pranav), understand it and then chant “AUM Parmatma” repeatedly keeping focus on the point in AUM. This is a straightforward way for a person to do welfare of his Soul. The meaning of the below Bhajan indicates the same aim.

Raga – Chalo Man Ganga Yamuna Tir

Say AUM the God
Say with love AUM the God
Say with sacred feeling AUM the God
A true spiritual teacher will bring welfare ... Say AUM the God

Purify your heart with love,
Take refuge at the feet of a true spiritual teacher,
Blessings will shower abundantly ... Say AUM the God

With the blessings of Kabir – a true spirutual teacher
With the blessings of Vallabh-ram – a true spiritual teacher
With the blessings of the almighty God
With the blessings of the almighty Mother Goddess
Achiever of liberation ... Say AUM the God

I ask for your forgiveness for any faults in the message above.
Written by- Dineshbhai Parbhubhai Bhakta (Syadla, Harlingen, Texas, USA)
(Chanting)  Victory to the God – Ramkabir!  Victory to the merciful Mother!