[English translation of original article ("ભજનનો મહિમા")]

The Significance of Worship
'Mukti-ni Mala' - Series: 22 Bhajan Kirtan
Editor: Govindbhai L. Bhakta (Degama)

Bhajan Means, worship and Kirtan means, singing in adoration. Who to worship and whose virtues are sung in adoration? Then it is said, 'O' mind cultivate the name of God'. Chant the name of God, sing eulogizing the virtues of God. Memorize the grace of God through chanting or humming, hum the verses of Bhajan either in seclusion or by congregating the worshipers in groups. Memorize the name of the favored deity, sing verses in praise of the deity, and sing verses in adoration. Hum verses extolling the virtues of God. Intone devotional songs highlighting the divinity of the Supreme Divine and Bhajans or Kirtan are meant for realization of the essence of the Divinity within our hearts and soul.

In every religious place, God is reminisced devoutly at stipulated time through prayers or chants, when worshipers become oblivious of the status of self or time forgetting worldly illusions singing on rhythmic beats of his heart engrossed in singing prayers.

Several ideal saints like Narsinh Mehta, Meerabai or Kabir are very much alive within the hearts of the people and verses and prayers created by them continue to guide the devout worshipers. The essence of sublime spiritual awareness which has originated from the chanting of the saints lost in self-indulgence.

The language of a Mantra alone is not of use in worshiping God, but most importantly, faith or contemplation, too, is very much needed. When the mind, spirit, and body of a worshiper work in unison in worship, grace and mercy of the God is realized.

Kabir says, 'All your days are wasted in vain. If the others are battling in the world, let them do so, let others worship their favored gods and goddesses; you to reminisce Lord Rama, hum the hymns worshiping Lord Rama, chant the name of Rama. Innumerable so called learned philosophers being experts on the treatises of the Vedas have already gone away. Therefore, you just involve yourself in meditating upon the Divinity, and just the worshiping.

Your soul may leave your body that is akin to a bubble of air, hence, worshiping alone would be the best recourse!


[A Kabir bhajan "Tu To Ram Sumar Jag Ladva De"]

Involve your mind in worship and
let the people of the world fight.

Writings in black written on a blank page,
Let the others write and read, wanting to do so.

An elephant walks in its gait,
Let the dogs bark behind it.

If someone is worshiping goddess Chandi, deity Bhairav or goddess Sitladevi, let them pray them. Whoever wants to worship any favored deity, god or goddess, let them worship them.

Kabir considered all as good and virtuous. He advises them to worship and devout their mind and soul in the worship of Almighty - an all Virtuous Divine Being, and leave the others on their way, if they wish to adore or favor hellish sufferings.