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Traditional Bhajans of Bhakta Samaj Traditional Bhajans of Bhakta Samaj HOT

This book contains over 100 bhajans with English translation and transliteration. We will be updating this book with more bhajans as translations are completed by Narendrabhai Upadhyaya.

(Gujarati with English transliteration and translation)

June 2015
Version 2.7


Size2.74 MB


Kabir Doha

કબીરા તે નર અન્ધ હૈ, ગુરુ કો કહતે ઔર
હરિ રૂઠે ગુરુ ઠૌર હૈ, ગુરુ રુઠૈ નહીં ઠૌર.
- કબીર