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An Earnest Prayer to Satguru Kabir An Earnest Prayer to Satguru Kabir HOT

Ramkabir!  To find a good summary of the Teachings of Satguru Kabir is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack – so vast are the areas covered by Kabirji’s bhajans, dohas, shabdas and ramainis.  Many spiritual teachers and scholars have dedicatedly researched the meaning of Kabirji’s poems and translated them into English.  These very noteworthy contributions have provided a wealth of information and material for anyone with a serious interest in studying and understanding Kabirji’s Teachings.

For spiritual aspirants, especially for those with little time or inclination for reading texts, it was felt that a summary of His Teachings was urgently needed to provide immediate guidance to everyone in a simple format.

This document is just such a summary.  It is in the form of an earnest and personal prayer, addressed by a devotee directly to Satguru Kabir, with the express aim of establishing a relationship directly with Him.  It captures the essence of Satguru Kabir’s Teachings, and opens the door to Self-knowledge and the art and science of living.  With an insightful summary at hand in every home or computer, anyone who genuinely wishes to incorporate His Teachings into one’s own life can begin to do so.

This prayer draws inspiration from an Aarti for Satguru Kabir composed by Pujya Maa Sarveshvari on March 18, 1993.  In it, Maa describes Satguru Kabir thus: “… pragat prabhu chho sāchā, alakh niranjan dev …”.  Maa ends the Aarti affirming that Kabirji is her “nāth”.

Once Kabirji’s true stature is appreciated and acknowledged, faith deepens, humility follows, a true spiritual journey begins.

Dr. Jagessar Das, President of the Kabir Association of Canada, medical doctor by profession, renowned Kabir scholar and practitioner, and author of several books on Kabirji, has described this prayer as “wonderful”, and worthy of wide dissemination.

We hope you will be inspired to read this prayer on a daily basis, and make its edicts a regular part of your spiritual life.  By doing so, may you and your family and friends experience real peace, real harmony, real happiness.



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Kabir Doha

માયા મરી ન મન મરા, મર-મર ગએ શરીર
આશા તૃષ્ણા ન મરી, કહ ગએ દાસ કબીર.
- કબીર