નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૫૧
Nādbrahma pada 051

Kapura Gaam - Nadbrahma Bhajans (October 24, 2021)

જે કુલમેં કોઇ ભક્ત ન કહાવે, કુલકો કહાં લજાવે;
ગર્ભ સહિત એની માતા ક્યોં ન મર ગઇ, ઐસા બેટા ન આવે ... ટેક
je kul-meň ko-ii bhakta na kahāve, kul-ko kahāň lajāve
garbha sahit eni mātā kyoň na mar ga-ii, aisā betā na āve ... repeat

જોરુ લડકા સબે મિલિને, માયામેં લપટાયે;
પાણી વલોવતાં માખણ નહિ આવે, તત્વ કહાંસે પાયે ... ૧
joru ladakā sabe mili-ne, māyā-meň lap-tāye
pāni valov-tā mākhan nahi āve, tatva kahāň-se pāye ... 1

બાહર ઉજળા ભીતર મેલા, ઘણા સ્વાદે ગાવે;
પ્રીત વિના પાનો નહિ આવે, વળી વળી વાછરૂં ધાવે ... ૨
bāhar ujalā bhitar melā, ghanā svāde gāve
prit vinā pāno nahi āve, vali vali vāchharu dhāve ... 2

ચિઠ્ઠી પત્રી બહુત ચલાવે, કોટી ધજ્જ કહાવે;
જો દીપકમેં જલે પતંગા, ઐસે આપ જલાવે ... ૩
chith-thi patri bahut chalāve, koti dhaj-ja kahāve
jo dipak-meň jale pataňgā, aise āp jalāve ... 3

સંત સંગતમેં પલ નહિ આવે, જમકા હોર્યા જાવે;
કહે કબીર સુનો ભાઇ સાધુ, ફીર ચોરાશી પાવે ... ૪
saňt saňgat-meň pal nahi āve, jam-kā horyā jāve
kahe kabir suno bhā-ii sādhu, fir chorāshi pāve ... 4

YouTube Video(s):
1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal - March 6, 2010   Rāg - Kālero

English Translation:
0.  It will be pity if a single individual of a family is not devoted to spirituality or does not believe in the Supreme Divine. It will be a matter of terrible shame and disgrace for the entire family. Instead of giving birth to such an agnostic son in the family, it would have been amply good if only her mother had died in pregnancy, as such a son couldn't have been borne.

1.  Entire family comprising of wife, son and all others are blinded by illusion (Maya). It is simple fact that none gets butter by churning plain water, so how could one attain spiritual realization without spiritual devotion.

2.  We see around us several people with dual standards - outwardly noble, but inwardly immoral. With changing attitude they always sing different tunes. How would milk flow from udder or fill the breast of mother without love for her little one. Even if a calf suckle udder of loveless cow, it can never get a drop of milk.

3.  One may strive to spread one's fame and name by writing and publishing letters and mailers, as well as through hoisting flags of being a celebrity. But all these are methods on a spiritual path. Divine grace of the Supreme Almighty is never obtained, unless one is willing to perform penance like a butterfly getting burnt in a flame of lamp.

4.  How can one expect salvation, when no attempt was made for spending time with saints and sages? Such careless people are just tugged away by god of death. Kabir says such people are thus ultimately destined to go once again through cycle of birth and death of eighty-four hundred thousand species of living beings.

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