નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૫૫
Nādbrahma pada 055

આનંદ મંગલ કરું શુભ આરતી, હરિ ગુરૂ સંતની સેવા;
પ્રેમ ધરી મારે મંદિરે પધરાવું, સુંદર સુખડા લેવા ...   ટેક
ānand mangal karu shubh ārati, hari guru sant-ni sevā
prem dhari māre mandire padh-rāvu, sundar sukhadā leva ... repeat

કોટિ તીર્થ સંતન કે ચરણે, ગંગા જમના રેવા;
ત્રિભોવન તારણ જગત ઉદ્ધારણ, મૂર્તિ અકલ અભેવા ...    ૧
koti tirth santan ke charane, gangā jamanā revā
tribhovan tāran jagat uddhāran, murti akal abhevā ... 1

રત્નકો ભવન બાહર ભીતર, આનંદ રુપી એવા;
કહે પ્રીતમ ઓળખ અનુસારા, હરિજન તે હરિ જેવા ...   ૨
ratna-ko bhavan bāhar bhitar, ānand rupi evā
kahe pritam olakh anu-sāra hari-jan te hari jevā ... 2

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1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal (playlist)

English Translation:
[Shri Yogeshvarji says, when Mother destiny smiles on a man, Guru appears before his disciple, and if luck favors than the Guru could be recognized, gain benefit, and receive ordainment and ultimately attain emancipation of soul.]

0. Having received an honor of welcoming Guru, joyous disciples ritually perform Aarti. For the disciple their Guru is Hari - God incarnate. Then the place even if an ordinary house, which is graced by the Guru, turns into a temple. Human mind is such that, when one is graced by happier times by the grace of God, one wants to make the most of it. So do the disciples too, want to make the most of divine presence of the Guru.

1. It is believed wherever the Saints dwell, wherever they go, those places become pilgrimages. You need not go from one pilgrimage to another to find ultimate realization. Just seek out grace of enlightened Guru, at whose feet where auspiciousness of millions of pilgrimages and the riverbanks of Ganga, Jamuna and Reva. Doubtlessly absolutely enlightened Guru is truly an incarnate of Lord who is the savior of all the three worlds.

2. An abode of enlightened Guru is like a gloriously embellished palace, a decorated temple. We might be simply delighted by the outer beauty of such forms, but true, ultimate is pleasure, a divine joy is experienced when you enter within. Here, "within" refers to the depths of our soul. By God's grace you will be able to envision other disciples as forms of divinity.