નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૬૧
Nādbrahma pada 061

Kapura Gaam Nadbrahma Bhajans

Bhulabhai (Kapura) - 061 Mari Nad Tamare Hathe

મારી નાડ તમારે હાથ હરિ સંભાળજો રે !
     મુજને પોતાનો જાણીને, પ્રભુપદ પાળજો રે ! ... ટેક
māri nād tamāre hāth hari sambhālajo re !
     muj-ne potā-no jāni-ne, prabhu-pad pālajo re ! ... repeat

પથ્યાપથ્ય નથી સમજાતું, દુઃખ સદૈવ રહે ઉભરાતું,
     મને હશે શું થાતું નાથ નિહાળજો રે ! ... ૧
pathyā-pathya nathi samjātuň, dukh sadaiv rahe ubhrātuň,
     mane hashe shuň thātuň nāth nihālajo re ! ... 1

અનાદિ આપ વૈદ્ય છો સાચા, કોઇ ઉપાય વિશે નહિ કાચા,
     દિવસ રહ્યા છે ટાંચા વેળા વાળજો રે ! ... ૨
anādi āp vaidya chho sāchā, ko-ii upāy vishe nahi kāchā
     divas rahyā chhe tāňchā velā vālajo re ! ... 2

વિશ્વેશ્વર શું હજી વિચારો, બાજી હાથ છતાં કાં હારો ?
     મહા મૂંઝારો મારો, નટવર ટાળજો રે ! ... ૩
vishveshvar shuň haji vichāro, bāji hāth chhatā kaň hāro ?
     mahā muňjhāro māro, natvar tālajo re ! ... 3

કેશવ હરિ મારું શું થાશે ?  ઘાણ વળ્યો શું ગઢ ઘેરાશે !
     લાજ તમારી જાશે, ભૂધર ભાળજો રે ! ... ૪
keshav hari māruň shuň thāshe ?  ghān valyo shuň gaDh gherāshe !
     lāj tamāri jāshe, bhudhar bhālajo re ! ... 4

English Translation:
[The worldly calamities do not shake or shatter a virtuously inclined person even when the world around him is full of chaos and when most of the people strive to seek momentary psychological relief by resorting to religious acts like visiting temples, adorning garlands of Rudraksha or Tulsi, performing Yajna (holy fire) or abstaining from taking foods. Great enlightened sages have observed such actions as futile attempt to seek grace of the Supreme Divine and remedy for the adversities and calamities, which are actually engineered by the man itself.

As a matter of fact, the root cause of our worldly problems lies within us, deeper within our conscience. Only those who are spiritually devoted or ensure their Karmas are righteous manage to keep their neck out of the troubled waters. The actual cause of manmade maladies lie within the man, as a cause of physical illness is known to be within the human body, which could be cured by proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are times when an individual, bewildered by adversities and calamities holds up hands beseeching divine intervention as a remedy for his worldly problems. When someone falls sick, a physician holds his or her wrist to check pulse and diagnose the extent of illness. When a realizations downs on an individual engulfed by worldly problems, most of which are self-created, wise devout individual pray the God to absolve them from their misery. In the initial stage of spiritual practice, at times a seeker is filled with self-doubts, and pleads God to hold his hand and check his spiritual pulse, so as proper remedy could be found for his anguish.]

0. The Bhajan begins with such a plea by an individual on the spiritual path, yet confused by worldly torments pleading God to hold his hand. He prays God to consider him to be his own essence and elevate him from the quagmire of worldly murkiness, and ultimately grant a place in His spiritual realm.

1. Indecisive about avoidable and unavoidable ways in his quest to seek divine mercy the devout lost amidst different theories and ways of attaining spiritual calm complains of ever flooding anguishing thoughts pulsating within his heart. Unable to put his finger on actual cause of his confusion, the devout plead God to find cause of his anxiousness!

2. Since time immemorial you have been the true medic - the spiritual healer - who has the remedy of all ailments inflicting the humanity at large. None in this world is sure of longevity. Saint Kabirdas Ji has reflected -

कहा भरोसा देह, बिनसी जाय छिन मांहि ।
सांस सांस सुमिरन करो और जतन कछु नाहिं ।।

What is the certainty about this body? Any time, it may get destroyed, which means, none is certain what may happen in a fraction of second. Ponder over this thought and meditate upon the teachings of the Satguru. That is the only recourse to connect the soul with the Supreme Soul!

The poet says, not much time is left, hence, pleads with God to make the most of the time, whatever is left to live.

3. The devout poet has been worshiping God for a long time. Yet, he feels the ray of divine grace still seems to eluding him. Desperately he can't stop asking, "O' the Lord of the Universe! I have come to you seeking your benevolence. What are you still thinking?' The poet seems to be asking himself, when the game is in your favor, why should you be losing it?

That's the thought baffling me, but My Lord! Natvar, relieve of my anxiety.

4. The poet is perplexed and wonders what would happen to him? Pondering over the swarming thoughts of setback and miseries enveloping his conscience, the poet is worried of its devastation in face of the adversities on the spiritual path. Sounding a admonitory note, the poet says, God, if I lose my fight against the worldly anomalies, your reputation as a savior will be lost and tarnished. The poet implores, "O' God, the Lord of this Universe, please ensure to take care of me till my last breath!