નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૧૪૭, રાગ - કાનડો
Nādbrahma pada - 147, rāga - kānado

Dhaman Bhajan Mandal (Recorded in 1971)

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કહાં કમી જાકો રામજી ધણી હો;
મનષા નાથ મનોરથ પૂરે, સુખ નિધાન કી બાત ધની હૈ ... ટેક
kahāň kami jāko rām-ji dhani ho;
manashā nāth mano-rath pure, sukh nidhān ki bāt dhani hai ... repeat

કૌન કામ કલ્પિત કી માયા, કરત ફિરત અપની અપની હૈ;
ખાઇ ન શક્યો ખર્ચીએ ન જાણ્યું, જ્યાં ભોરીંગ શિર મણી રહેત હૈ ... ૧
ka-u-n kām kalpit ki māyā, karat firat apani apani hai;
khā-ii na shakyo kharchi-e na jānyu, jyāň bhoriňg shir mani rahet hai ... 1

શિવ વિરંચી જા કો પાર ન પાવે, મોહે બપરે કી કહાં ગણવા હૈ;
જા કી પ્રીત નિરંતર હરિ શું, કહે રોહીદાસ વાકી સદા બની હૈ ... ૨
shiv viraňchi jā ko pār na pāve, mohe bapare ki kahāň ganavā hai;
jā ki prit niraňtar hari shuň, kahe rohi-dās vāki sadā bani hai ... 2

YouTube Video(s):
1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal - October 2007, Phoenix, AZ 

English Translation:
Every spiritual teacher and saint advise the devotees to leave their worries in the care of God and devote once attention towards performing one's responsibilities and offer prayers.

0. Voicing this wisdom we are assured that, a devotee who has devoted oneself at worshipping Bhagwan Ram, does not have to worry for meeting his mundane needs. The God takes care of his disciples and provides him all comforts by which he can live his life.

1. However contrary to the above we all chase illusions and imaginative desires in futility and follow our mindless whims. Neither we ate well, nor learnt how to spend our wealth. And in doing so, we remain oblivious to the fact that, a precious jewel rests on the head of deadly dangerous snake, a symbolic representation of lowly passions. Only if we can avoid pitfalls on the spiritual path, we can possess that precious jewel, which represents realization of the Supreme Divinity.      

2. Saint Rohidas says that the process to attain ultimate salvation is full of complexities and great of Tantrik (followers of Shiv-Tantra) cannot fathom the path of pure spirituality. Saint Rohidas rightly says that he is not concerned with counting beads of a rosary. Rather, he points out at the end that, only those with pure thoughts and absolute love for god can fathom the spiritual path and attain a place in the Divine Realm.