નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૭૯૭, રાગ - મંગલ
Nādbrahma pada 797, rāga - mangal

અખંડ સાહેબજીકો નામ, ઔર સબ ખંડ હૈ;
સાધુ ખંડિત મેર સુમેર, ખંડિત બ્રહ્માંડ હૈ ... ટેક
akhaňd sāheb-ji-ko nām, a-u-ra sab khaňd hai
sādhu khaňdit mer sumer, khaňdit brahmāňd hai ... repeat

સ્થિર ન રહે ધીર ધ્યાન, જીવનકો ધૂંધ હૈ;
સાધુ લક્ષ રે ચોરાશી જીવ, પડ્યા જમ ફંડ હૈ ... ૧
sthir na rahe dhir dhyān, jivan-ko dhuňdh hai
sādhu laksha re chorāshi jiv, padyā jam faňd hai ... 1

ચંચલ મન સ્થિર રાખ, જબ ભલે રંગ હૈ;
ઉન સંતનકે સંગ, સદા આનંદ હૈ ... ૨
chaňchal man sthir rākh, jab bhale raňg hai
una saňtan-ke saňg, sadā ānaňd hai ... 2

જીનસે સાહેબજીસે હેત, સોઇ નિર્બંધ હૈ;
ઉલટ નિકટ ભર પિયુ, તો અમૃત ગંગ હૈ ... ૩
jin-se sāheb-ji-se het, so-ii nir-baňdh hai
ulat nikat bhar piyu, to amrut gaňg hai ... 3

દયા ભાવ ચિત્ત રાખ, ભક્તિકો અંગ હૈ;
કહે કબીર ચિત્ત ચેત, જગત પતંગ હૈ ... ૪
dayā bhāv chit-t rākh, bhakti-ko aňg hai
kahe kabir chit-t chet, jagat pataňg hai ... 4

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1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal - Rāga Rāyaso, July 31, 2010, Bhakta Bhajan Sammelan, Humble Civic Center, Humble, TX, USA
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English Translation:
[Discerningly conveying his thought of the issue of the existence of God, Kabir had once said, "I am neither an atheist nor a theist; I am neither a believer, nor a non-believer." If he was neither of these two, then how do we understand? Our mind is programed to tread the path of either 'this' or 'that'. Our mind usually gets confused between 'this' or 'that'. However, in order to realize the gospel of Kabir we need to understand his contradiction of his speech, but not thoughts. Kabir has always been mystic and his philosophical approach has remained monotheism or non-dualism.]

0. The name of Akhand Saheb, that is, the name of the Supreme Soul (Atam Ram) is imperishable. In fact, the name of the Supreme Soul or God is eternal! What is eternal is everlasting or permanent! All else - animated or unanimated - be that pious or sinner, hillock or mountain, and the universe to are perishable and subject to devastation.

It is spirituality to know what a soul is and meditation is the language of the soul! Meditation is the journey from nothingness to perfection! The aim of meditation is to attain a state where the mind is restrained, calm, thoughtless and stable.

1. If the mind does not achieve steadiness in meditation, the life turns into dense fog, through which the ultimate truth remains imperceptible. Kabir Ji asks, why wander inattentively through eighty-four lakh (8.4 million) generation, why sleep in surrounding of darkness of ignorance. The God of Death is standing on headboard of your bed.

2. Restrain your mind and concentrate your mind on meditation, even if the world is full of different colors to distract your mind. Saintly beings never give up their genteelness, even if they are surrounded by evil beings. It is exactly like a fragrant sandalwood tree, which might be surrounded by poisonous snakes. The worldly attractions which deviate mind from meditating on the Supreme Soul, are like these snakes. Therefore, Kabirdas Ji advises seekers to accompany those saintly individuals, who dwell in the spiritual joy.

3. Anyone who has unwavering affection for the Supreme Divine, he only is free from the bonds of life and death cycle. Once the soul of a seeker is unified with the Supreme Soul, the seeker may be emancipated. Besides, if you are in the care of ever-affectionate God, The life turns into the river Ganges in which just the elixir flows.

4. Have compassion for everybody and your mind on worshiping God. Let not your mind gets deviated from your pious deeds, as such a pious mind could realize the ultimate truth. Kabirdas Ji cautions the seeker saying, awaken yourself from within, as the world is like a kite, that flies in the sky tied to a thread. The moment the thread tied with the kite is snapped from its controller, it would fall flat to the dust. Same way if the thread that ties the soul with the Supreme Soul is snapped, the soul would be subjected to innumerable lives and deaths.

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