પદ - ૯૯૨, રાગ - ધોળ
pada - 992, rāga - dhol

Syadla Bhajan Mandal (Recorded in 1982 in Mumbai)

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આજ સખી અષ્ટમી ને બુધવાર રે,
     પ્રગટયા શ્રી પુરુષોત્તમ પ્રાણાધાર રે
āja sakhi ashtami ne budha-vār re,
     pragatyā shri purushottam prānādhār re ... 0

પહેરો બેની શોભીતા શણગાર રે,
     જાવું છે નંદ તણે દરબાર રે
pahero beni shobhitā shanagār re,
     jāvuň chhe naňda tane dar-bār re ... 1

નંદજીના ભાગ્ય તણો નહીં પાર રે,
     ધન્ય ધન્ય માતા જશોદા માડી રે
naňda-ji-nā bhāgya tano nahiň pār re,
     dhanya dhanya mātā jashodā mādi re ... 2

પુત્રના તો શ્રીમુખ નીરખો છો દહાડી રે,
     એવો તો પુત્ર જન્મીને સુખ દીધા રે
putra-nā to shri-mukh nirakho chho dahādi re,
     evo to putra janmi-ne sukh didhā re ... 3

વિપ્રને તો દાન ઘણાં એક દીધાં રે,
     ત્યાં તો કોઇ તરિયા તોરણ બંધાવો રે
vipra-ne to dān ghanā eka didhā re,
     tyāň to ko-ii tariyā toran baňdhāvo re ... 4

વ્હાલાજીને વિવેકે વધાવો રે,
એવી છે દાસ હરિ ભટ્ટની વાણી રે,
     તેને તમે હૃદિયામાં રાખોને આણી રે
vahālā-ji-ne viveke vadhāvo re,
evi chhe dās hari bhatt-ni vāni re,
     tene tame rudiyā-māň rākho-ne āni re ... 5

English Translation:
[Regarded as the Eighth Avatar of God Vishnu, Shri Krishna is worshiped as a supreme God in Hinduism. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, love and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities.  Born in Mathura in Northern India (around 3,228 BCE), Lord Krishna’s life marks the passing of the Dvaapara Yug (દ્વાપર યુગ) and the beginning of the Kal Yuga (કળિયુગ) which is an era under which we are all living.

According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Lord Krishna was born on 'Ashtami' or the 'eighth day' at midnight in the holy month of Shravan (શ્રાવણ) when 'Rohini' constellation (Nakshatra) was rising on horizon. Owing to the difference in movement of the Constellations and Moon, the actual day of Birthday celebration of Shri Krishna could be on two different days since the constellation 'Rohini' and Ashtami may not appear on the same day. This occurs between August and September on the Gregorian or popularly known as Christian calendar. Well, now let us celebrate the birth of our most adorable deity - Shri Krishna!]  
0. Happiness of celebration is in air as a woman calls out her friend and as if reminding her says, today is the eighth day of the Shravan month and also Wednesday, when the basis of life Shri Purushottam was born. The poet refers to Shri Krishna as 'Purushottam' which means, 'only one of its kind Man'.

1. With happiness abounding in her heart, she asks her friend, "Dear sister dress up in most adorable at attires, as we have to go to the palace of Nand-Ji and congratulate Jashoda on the birth of her child. Birth of a child is considered as one of the happiest moment to rejoice in a mother's life, that makes her a 'complete woman'.

2. As the boundless fortune has smiled on Nand-Ji with the prophecy of the sages of incarnation of the Supreme Divine has come true, and blessed is mother Jashoda to have been, as have come chosen by the Mother Destiny to nurture Supreme God, as her own child!  

3. Nand-Ji and Jashoda, now and again looking at the godly beauty of their newborn son are feeling themselves to be on the Seventh Heaven. On the other hand, the people who came to congratulate the couple rejoice envisioning happier days ahead for them all.

4. To celebrate the birth of their son, Nand-Ji profusely donated to the Brahmins, seeking their blessings. Welcoming the new born glorious divine son, he asked the Brahmins to spread grains of rice on ground as a mark of worship and called out people to hang festoons.

5. Poet Haridas asks disciple to welcome their lovable God with graciousness and reticence. Establish God in your heart, to be always one with your God.